The Curious Citizen is a junction of explored interests and a means to synthesize my experiences of them. And then share them with you, of course.

Join me, if you’d like, as I dabble in the miscellaneous. A recent trail of posts include perfecting Tartine’s sourdough recipe, geeking out on sleep and mind body studies, and a reflection on childhood home videos, etc. (I meant it when I said miscellaneous.)

The cadence of posts is whenever inspiration meets opportunity. Life is full/unpredictable, which is the space in my life that generates what you’ll read here.

OG readers may know this site formerly as ‘A place to gather her thoughts’, which I’ve rebranded to ‘The Curious Citizen’. I can’t argue that I don’t write from a female experience (e.g. ‘her thoughts’’), but I do write from a human experience first. A curious one ☝️.


One thought on “Prelude


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