Like a secret.

I undressed my ego as I walked inside; it wouldn’t accept me any other way. The forthcoming scent of cluttered stories, wisdom, and history sobered my thoughts. This is how ‘human’ should always feel. Meandering is most productive here, so I meandered.. until I found exactly what I wasn’t looking for. Its weight in my […]


The Friend in Your Head.

Since a young age, I have been able to make a friend in just about anyone. My parents wasted no time worrying about my social skills developing, and instead spent a great deal of my childhood coordinating play-dates and sleepovers. Fostering friendships came effortlessly; the company of and my engagement with others fulfilled me well […]


Dear Lauren,

Dear Lauren, As I write this letter, you are flying directly into the future (literally) that you will soon make your own. Though you may feel small now, squished into the confinement of an economy airplane seat for the next ten hours, the hopes I have for you are immense in size. If the men […]