A Christmas Story (about going OOO).

Talking to yourself as you contemplate taking time off

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When you’ve reached the conclusion that you’re going OOO

Home Alone Film GIF

<insert friendly work perpetrator’s name here>:

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Once the OOO auto-responder is set

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and you remember


Congratulations on putting yourself first .

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And you begin to feel like an entirely new person

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You’re probably going receive some pings and work calls..


Breathe it out.


And when you come close to checking your work email, don’t.

Home Alone – bet you never noticed this before! | Metro News

Even though we both know you will.


So fix yourself an egg nog and let Home Alone bring on all the feels…


Ask yourself:

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well, kinda (but not really!), but kinda….

jingle all the way christmas movies GIF

The same thing happening all over again next year: